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The 4th Door Escape Room
The 4th Door

Strange device that turns doors into portals…
4 doors. 4 destinations. One Epic Adventure!

80 min

Room 5280’s newest room is now open in Seattle! The 4th Door is a thrilling adventure for 4-8 players, with unique challenges unlike any escape room you’ve seen before.

You find a device which can turn any doorway into a portal to anywhere on Earth, along with the journal of a former member of a shadow organization. You will jump from portal to portal through four locations, each with their own immersive atmosphere, but you will only have twenty minutes in each location before the shadow organization catches up to you, so you’ll have to be fast.

Even if you don’t solve everything, you’ll still experience the full game, no getting stuck and missing out, but every bit you do solve is important, as everything you do will help to unmask operatives and thwart the organization’s evil plans.

So whether you’ve played all of our rooms already and have been waiting for the new one, or you’ve never tried an escape room before, the 4th Door is a can’t-miss experience.

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