The Heist Escape Room
The Heist

An eccentric art “collector” has a unique treasure. Will you execute a flawless Heist, or will his defenses outsmart you?

60 min
The Dark Escape Room
Dark Room

Pitch-black room and no memory of how you got there. Figure out what happened to escape… or become the next victim…

60 min

ROOM 5280 offers a fun and exciting option for large group events in Seattle. Our Heist escape room is perfect for groups of up to 10 players, and larger groups can be split up into multiple rooms. We can accommodate up to 38 players simultaneously between all four escape rooms. Whether you’re planning a party with a lot of friends, or teambuilding for a whole department, we can work with you to create an unforgettable event for your whole group.

Even large groups will find our rooms challenging and engaging, with plenty to keep them puzzling for a full hour’s experience. Escape isn’t easy, only the brightest minds will succeed!

Call or email us to arrange custom multiple-room bookings, or click Book Now for a single room.

ROOM 5280
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