The Experiment Escape Room

Secret lab. Vanished scientist. Decode the legacy of the brilliant mind, or become permanent addition to the mysterious lab…

60 min
The Dark Escape Room
Dark Room

Pitch-black room and no memory of how you got there. Figure out what happened to escape… or become the next victim…

60 min

If you and your friends are the modern three musketeers looking for a new adventure, an escape room could be the perfect experience for you. Solving all of the puzzles and escaping will require all 3 players to work together and put your brains and bond to the test.

ROOM 5280 offers great rooms for 3 people in Seattle. You can try to solve the mystery of the Dark Room and escape before your captor returns, or explore the missing scientist’s secret laboratory and try to complete his final Experiment. Both rooms are tough, but if you’re up to the challenge, they’re also a blast, and you’ll make lasting memories with your teammates.

The adrenaline of racing against the clock, and the exhilaration of each discovery and eureka moment, are incomparable to any other experience. So check out our rooms and book the right one for you today.

ROOM 5280
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