The Heist Escape Room
The Heist

An eccentric art “collector” has a unique treasure. Will you execute a flawless Heist, or will his defenses outsmart you?

60 min

ROOM 5280 offers amazing escape rooms in Seattle for groups of 9 people. With 9 players, you can all work together to pull off a perfect Heist and retrieve stolen treasures, or split up and play two of our rooms at once. All of our rooms are a challenge, and the Heist has plenty of puzzles to keep a group of 9 people engaged and having fun for a full hour.

Escaping isn’t everything, and win or lose you will build a stronger bond with your teammates through a shared adventure, and have a blast along the way. The adrenaline of racing against the clock, and the exhilaration of each discovery and eureka moment, are incomparable to any other experience. If you do escape, though, you can pride yourself on being one of the few to manage it.

Escape rooms are a great outing for family events, parties with friends, teambuilding, or whatever occasion you have in mind. Book now or contact us about custom bookings for split room games.

ROOM 5280
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