The Heist Escape Room

The Heist

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An eccentric art “collector” has stolen some unique treasures… and has no intention of letting them go. Infiltrate his heavily guarded residence, recover the stolen items, and execute a seamless extraction — all under the cloak of secrecy.

It’s a test of wits, stealth, and speed. Will your team be victorious?… or will the house defenses outsmart you?

  • 4-10
  • 2-3: $42 player
  • 4-5: $40 player
  • 6+:   $38 player
60 min

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What Our Escapers Have to Say

Mira Kristell KhuMira Kristell Khu ★★★★★ It was a very wonderful experience to end our saturday night in Seattle!!! Thank you Shaz for all the help!!! Try the #TheHeist 🥳🥳🥳Response from the ownerHi Mira, thanks so much for coming in and leaving us a five-star review. We hope to see you back next time you are looking for a Seattle escape room for a fun weekend experience! PhilPhil ★★★★★ Fun rooms! Parking is limited, take transit if you can. They have a cool lobby puzzle while you wait, a warm up for what is to come.Experiment: Their smallest room, but still a reasonable size. Set design is sparse. Beginner friendly room with some cool science-based puzzles. Very little into the plot. Best for 2 experienced players or 4 newer players.The Dark Room: A moderate room that is literally dark, but also has a bit of dark theming. Set design is somewhat sparse. Perhaps a 13+ room, but is not scary as there are no jump scares whatsoever. This room is very story-driven. Best for 3 experienced players or 5-6 newer players.The Heist: The most challenging and biggest room. There is some storyline, but not as much as the Dark Room. The best set design of the 3 rooms. Best for 5 experienced players and 7-8 newer players. If your entire group is new to escape rooms, this is probably not a good pick.Response from the ownerHi Phil! Thanks so much for your detailed 5-star review of our escape rooms! We appreciate you taking the time to experience all of our Seattle escape games and leave such thorough feedback. Guests like you help us to continue to improve and ensure we are providing everyone the best escape room experience in Seattle Julia VyshniavskaJulia Vyshniavska ★★★★★ 10/10 We did Heist and it’s a great room! I played a number of rooms of the last couple of years and this one is definitely up there. The design fits the theme very nicely, and the puzzles are very unique and quite clever (challenging but in a fun way). And when you get stuck (which will happen - a lot of puzzles to get through), you get hints that actually help you without revealing the answer - no stress and everything flows seamlessly!! It was very satisfying room and we’ll be back to try their other rooms next time we’re in Seattle!Response from the ownerHi Julia! Thank you for leaving us a five-star review, and for choosing us for your Seattle escape room experience! We are so pleased you had such a great time and hope we see you again! Zarina MagdessianZarina Magdessian ★★★★★ This was such a fun experience!! We did "The Heist" which was quite amazing. The difficulty level was 7/10 for me and gave our family of 8 a good challenge. The place is super clean and game masters are friendly and welcoming. Definitely coming back for more!Response from the ownerHi Zarina, we really appreciate you leaving us a five-star review! We are so glad you choose The Heist as your choice for an escape room for 8 people. We look forward to seeing you again! brent hochbrent hoch ★★★★★ Our gamemaster Chris was awesome. That heist room difficulty was exponentially. Lovely.Response from the ownerHi Brent! Thanks for leaving us a review! We are so glad our staff helped create such a great Seattle escape room experience for you Katie WolfKatie Wolf ★★★★★ Super fun experience!! Thank you to Shaz for being the best Game-Master! We loved The Heist room!Response from the ownerHi Katie! Thank you for joining us for The Heist and leaving a review! Hope we see you again for another awesome Seattle escape room! Josh HaggardJosh Haggard ★★★★★ The heist room was great. It had an excellent ambiance and narrative.Janet Kato RamosJanet Kato Ramos ★★★★★ We were made to feeeel like accomplished sleuths!
We recently decided as a family, to celebrate the dads in the family to a fun, new activity for Father's Day. We were not disappointed! We participated in the "Heist" where the simple room was thoughtfully designed to intensively give our group a good mental jiu jitsu workout. The meticulous details of this live puzzle were impressive. Although we were not able to finish, we were consoled to learn that this is the hardest of their current puzzles, with only 30% of participants able to solve it. I would rather it be fabulously challenging than to be so easy that we might have a lot of time left. The hosts were amazingly accommodating and clearly pretty genius themselves. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to a return visit for another one of their brainy offerings!

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