The Heist Escape Room
The Heist

An eccentric art “collector” has a unique treasure. Will you execute a flawless Heist, or will his defenses outsmart you?

60 min
The Experiment Escape Room

Secret lab. Vanished scientist. Decode the legacy of the brilliant mind, or become permanent addition to the mysterious lab…

60 min
The Dark Escape Room
Dark Room

Pitch-black room and no memory of how you got there. Figure out what happened to escape… or become the next victim…

60 min
New Room
The 4th Door Escape Room
The 4th Door

Strange device that turns doors into portals…
4 doors. 4 destinations. One Epic Adventure!

80 min

Are you a fan of mystery and adventure stories? What if you could be a part of one? Escape rooms are like a live action detective story where you’re the protagonist. You will have to track down clues, solve puzzles, and discover secrets in order to escape before time is up.

ROOM 5280 in Seattle offers four unique themes perfect for any team size or occasion. In the Dark Room, you wake up trapped in a pitch black room, and will have to not only find a way out, but figure out why you’re there to begin with. In the Experiment you will explore the secret laboratory of a missing scientist, and figure out what’s so special about his life’s work. In the Heist you will discover the elaborate tricks and secrets of an eccentric art collector’s home while trying to retrieve the treasures he has stolen. In the 4th Door you will jump from portal to portal, staying one step ahead of a shadow organization as you try to thwart their evil plans.

All four rooms are challenges designed to put your brain to the test, but if you succeed, the thrill of victory is sweet.

ROOM 5280
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