The Heist Escape Room
The Heist

An eccentric art “collector” has a unique treasure. Will you execute a flawless Heist, or will his defenses outsmart you?

60 min
The Experiment Escape Room

Secret lab. Vanished scientist. Decode the legacy of the brilliant mind, or become permanent addition to the mysterious lab…

60 min
New Room
The 4th Door Escape Room
The 4th Door

Strange device that turns doors into portals…
4 doors. 4 destinations. One Epic Adventure!

80 min

ROOM 5280 has some of the hardest escape rooms in Seattle, so if you’re an experienced puzzler or just looking for a real challenge, check out all of our options below. You’ll only have one hour to escape, and only the brightest minds will succeed!

Conquering even our “easiest” room is a notable achievement that many players aim for, but only the most determined reach. And if you are looking for that extra challenge – try The Heist, where only 25% of players manage to retrieve the treasure and escape before time is up.

The thrill of racing against the clock to escape is a blast, filled with amazing moments along the way. And even if you don’t quite make it, don’t worry – the adventure and fun are what truly matter.

But if you do escape, success is that much sweeter knowing that you have conquered a challenge that stymies most.

ROOM 5280
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